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How to Maintain Concrete in Central Oregon

Have you walked around town and noticed the crumbling concrete in the different sidewalks and driveways? I had an opportunity recently to learn a lot about concrete, specifically concrete in Central Oregon. After having a client call with concerns about crumbling concrete, I spent hours researching why concrete crumbles and speaking to different experts to find out how to help my clients avoid this.

The main culprits:

  • Solution sprayed on roads by the City to deal with snow fall and icy roads. This solution is similar to ice melting salts in that it ultimately breaks down the concrete. When vehicles drive on this in the main roads in Bend and then pull into their driveways, it transfers from their vehicles to the concrete.

  • Ice Melt solutions: This is not good for your concrete at all and almost ensures your concrete will start deteriorating.

  • Not shoveling your driveway resulting in layers of ice on your concrete that is walked or driven on. Concrete is very porous and if you haven't recently sealed your concrete and ice has built up on your concrete, the water will seep into the concrete. Then, when it freezes again, it will pop chunks out of your concrete.

What to do:

  • Maintain a good sealer on your driveway. Some sealers are so good you only need to apply them every 5 years. Others will need to be reapplied every year.

  • Shovel all concrete to keep snow and ice off the concrete.

  • Don't use ice melting solutions.

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