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Are some rooms colder or warmer than other rooms? I know a secret to fix this....

Have you ever noticed that in winter some rooms are much colder than others? Or the opposite is true in summer? If you have a central heating or air conditioning system, I have a trick for you. It is all about using the vents in your rooms to control the air flow into the room.

In winter, the rooms closest to the furnace (via vent ducts) are the ones that typically get the most heat. And, the last room on the duct path typically gets the least heat. If you find that one room doesn't get enough heat but another room gets too much, try closing the vent partially on the room getting the most heat and fully opening the vent where the heat is less. This will direct less heat to the hotter room which allows more heat to get to the colder room. You can adjust your vents in each room until each room has the desired temperature.

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